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Do You Have a Personal Health and Wellness online Brand?

Have you ever thought about what people would find about you if they googled you on line. Have you ever tried googling yourself? Go on, try it now……….. Any interesting or surprising results? I’m sure one thing you may have noticed is how frequent your social media pages pop up on google and other search […]

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Smaller Email Lists Make More Money

The money is in your email list! Have you ever come across this notion in the website and email marketing world. I’m sure your natural instinct will tell you if that’s the case then the larger the email list the more money you will make. Is your instinct right?……. ……..WRONG!! Many health and wellness professionals […]

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50 Health and Wellness Niche Markets that Sell

I have been harping on about in this blog how health and wellness is one of the hottest searched for subjects on the net and that the key is to finding your niche. So I’m going to give you all a helping hand and throw up 50 potential health and wellness niche markets that will […]

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Is Your Service Business Limiting Your Earnings?

One of the big downfalls about being a freelance health and wellness professional is that when you are not billing someone for your service, you are not getting paid!! Your income is a big fat ZERO!! The key to earning significant financial rewards is to generate re-occurring revenue all of the time. In other words […]

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Publishing Regular Content on Your Blog When You Already Work Around the Clock

The diary is full, you’re rushing around to get to clients on time and you’re working to suit your clients’ availability so that can mean early mornings and late evenings….. the life of a self-employed health professional! How on earth are you going to find the time to publish regular content that is engaging, marketable […]

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What Gives You the Right to Call Yourself an Expert?

I could answer this question in one sentence, No one has the right to give themselves the self-proclaimed title!! For that matter, why would you want to? It’s a subjective term which means it’s open to interpretation. Your title should merely state what it is you do. But yet in the Health and Wellness industry […]

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