50 Health and Wellness Niche Markets that Sell

I have been harping on about in this blog how health and wellness is one of the hottest searched for subjects on the net and that the key is to finding your niche.

So I’m going to give you all a helping hand and throw up 50 potential health and wellness niche markets that will be profitable.

It is as much to stimulate your thought as it is to provide some ideas.

1)      Weight loss for post pregnancy

2)      Wedding weight loss

3)      Healthy eating for busy executives

4)      Keeping fit for busy professionals and business travellers

5)      Stress management for executive females

6)      Back pain for regular office workers

7)      Injury rehabilitation for manual handlers

8)      Baby boomer fitness

9)      Baby boomer weight loss

10)   Healthy living for 60+

11)   Personal development for young entrepreneurs

12)   Muscle gain for men

13)   How to get a six pack

14)   Preventing acne for teenagers

15)   Heart health and fitness for hypertension.

16)   Exercise and nutrition for diabetics

17)   Beat cancer with nutrition and exercise

18)   Exercise for stress

19)   Improving confidence for young females

20)   Improving confidence for young males

21)   Strength training for the serious athlete

22)   Aerobic training for the serious athlete

23)   Beauty tips for young females

24)   Time management for mumpreneurs

25)   Fitness for busy mums

26)   Rehabilitation for sports injuries

27)   Rehabilitation for work related injuries

28)   Chiropractic solutions to Spinal Decompressions

29)   Motivation for weight loss

30)   Motivation to quit smoking

31)   Preventing headaches

32)   Relationship advice for over 40’s

33)   Executive massage and relaxation advice

34)   Life coaching for successful people

35)   Natural remedies to bolster the immune system

36)   Increasing your energy levels

37)   Nutrition and exercise to stop fatigue and tiredness

38)   Anti-aging skin formulas for women

39)   Sport specific training

40)   Products for weight loss

41)   Products for muscle gain

42)   Beauty products for the busy female executive

43)   Stress management with Yoga

44)   Health for the family

45)   Beauty regimes in the home

46)   Fitness and nutrition for young children

47)   Personal development for successful career

48)   Nutrition that stimulates the brain

49)   Spa and beauty product review

50)   Massage Therapy for back and joint pain

Can you think of any others? Could some of these niches be broken down even further?

4 Responses to “50 Health and Wellness Niche Markets that Sell”

  1. Very Good, I would say if you consider relationship and sexual health to b under your “Health and Wellness” umbrella then there are many more niches within this segment of the market

  2. I agree with GK. There are so many niches you could come up with a list of 50 more

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