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Smaller Email Lists Make More Money

The money is in your email list! Have you ever come across this notion in the website and email marketing world. I’m sure your natural instinct will tell you if that’s the case then the larger the email list the more money you will make. Is your instinct right?……. ……..WRONG!! Many health and wellness professionals […]

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Part 1: How to Use Blogs to Promote the Health and Wellness Expert in YOU!

PART 1: WHY HEALTH AND WELLNESS BLOGS ARE ESSENTIAL TO PROMOTING YOUR EXPERTISE ONLINE I’m sure you don’t need any more reminding that the Health and Wellness market is a booming niche on the internet with millions of people searching everyday for answers to their health related concerns. The reason why I have chosen to […]

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50 Health and Wellness Niche Markets that Sell

I have been harping on about in this blog how health and wellness is one of the hottest searched for subjects on the net and that the key is to finding your niche. So I’m going to give you all a helping hand and throw up 50 potential health and wellness niche markets that will […]

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Is Your Service Business Limiting Your Earnings?

One of the big downfalls about being a freelance health and wellness professional is that when you are not billing someone for your service, you are not getting paid!! Your income is a big fat ZERO!! The key to earning significant financial rewards is to generate re-occurring revenue all of the time. In other words […]

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Selling Health and Wellness Content Online

There is a popular saying among publishers that “content is the webs currency”. Discover how to sell or monetise your content and you are on your way to creating re-occurring income!! There are literally thousands of articles published on the web where people have posted their views on content. The topic itself could be a […]

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Part 4: How to use linkedin to promote the expert in YOU

Following on from Part 3: How to Become a Group or Community Leader CONNECT WITH CONTENT As we know, Linkedin is an attractive social media portal to connect with industry peers but also connect with people who share a common interest. Linkedin’s development of a news section and a share icon for content publishers have enhanced […]

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Is Content Curation Plagiarism?

Content curation is hot topic at the moment with content publishers. Many would argue it’s glorified plagiarism, others would say it’s past the buzz word phenomena and is now a mainstay in the marketers armoury! I say it is part of the new media rules that have turned traditional or should I say “old fashioned” […]

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Publishing Regular Content on Your Blog When You Already Work Around the Clock

The diary is full, you’re rushing around to get to clients on time and you’re working to suit your clients’ availability so that can mean early mornings and late evenings….. the life of a self-employed health professional! How on earth are you going to find the time to publish regular content that is engaging, marketable […]

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The Importance of a Content Strategy

Without a content strategy you will have no focus, no flow, poor structure, poor seo no marketability and boring content! This counteracts the reason for developing content in the first place. Your reputation will be at stake, your website will have very few loyal followers and your content will not make you much money. But […]

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Part 3 How to Use Linkedin to Promote the Expert in YOU

Following on from Part 2 Building Connections  BECOME A GROUP OR COMMUNITY LEADER To be perceived as an authority in your Industry and/or niche you need to show leadership qualities and become a significant voice. Starting your own Linkedin Group is an excellent strategy to achieve this. Below I provide some considerations before you start: […]

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